Who We Are - Geocortex

Who We Are

Our mission - help people accomplish even more with web mapping

Established in 1999, Geocortex is a software and services organization based in beautiful Victoria, B.C. We believe that geographic information has the power to help people make better decisions and positively impact the world around them; we empower them do this with Geocortex technology.

Our core values
Live the golden rule

It’s a classic – we treat one another, our partners, and our customers the way we’d like to be treated.

Leave the world a better place

We strive to ensure the work we do empowers people who use Geocortex technology to make a difference.

Continuously improve

As individuals and as an organization, we take pride in always finding new ways to challenge ourselves to do (and be) better.

Our technology beliefs
Get real work done, today!

Like you, we’re excited about the next great thing, but we’re more excited about helping people get real work done today. So, while we prepare for future technology, we also focus on empowering users to build better applications now!

Eliminate inefficiencies

New technology is worthwhile when it makes things easier. We strive to engineer product features that say goodbye to inefficiencies and the billable hours they create.

Intelligent products before custom code

We believe that writing custom code should be a last resort, not a first instinct. Web mapping applications are susceptible to change over time, so we take a reusable and intelligently engineered product-centric approach to avoid the pitfalls of custom-coded applications.

Simplicity is perfection

Our goal is to make the user experience as intuitive and simple as possible. Effective design promotes flexibility, but never at the cost of usability.

Geocortex by VertiGIS

Geocortex is a proud member of the VertiGIS family. Offering a collection of software, solutions and services across industries, VertiGIS helps people all over the world benefit from the power of GIS.

Building for the world’s leading GIS platform

Geocortex is designed exclusively for use with, and to add value to, Esri’s Geospatial Cloud. We’re an Esri Platinum Partner and are proud to help our customers accomplish even more with ArcGIS® technology.